How to identify employees’ training needs: 2 good practices

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Every Learning & Development team is tasked with constantly monitoring the training needs of employees. In fact, determining training needs is the starting point of every corporate training project.

There are several ways to find out what kind of training your organization needs. In this post, we want to introduce you to 2 best practices that will easily allow you to achieve your goal… and invest your budget in training projects that are useful for your company.

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1. Skill Gap Analysis:

Skill Gap Analysis is a method for determining the gap between the current skills of employees and the skills required by the company.

In short, it measures the current level of skills compared to the required level, to map the skills of each individual and define targeted training plans. Then, progress is monitored for each employee.

Is it difficult? Absolutely not!

The skills gap analysis can be conducted during a performance review or a regular meeting with the employee.

But…isn’t there a smarter way?


Modern training technologies della formazione allow us:

  • conducting a skills analysis in an agile and scalable manner even on a large number of employees;
  • providing the right training to each individual;
  • making reports to monitor their progress in real time.

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2. Employee satisfaction survey

Conducting a survey is a simple and effective way to discover your employees’ training needs, find out their skills, strengths, and areas where they feel less secure. Similarly, through these surveys, you can identify their training or development desires.

Once again, training technologies allow us to create and deliver these surveys quickly and easily, across the entire corporate population. In this way, we can always have a picture of our organization, in order to allocate the budget that the company has allocated to training in:

  • training projects aligned with the needs of the company and employees;
  • corporate training programs, which can be measured for their ROI.

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