London Learning Technologies 2024 is waiting for you!

learning technologies londra 2024

Also this year, Learning Technologies awaits you in London on April 17th and 18th, 2024.

Why attend the Learning Technologies?

London Learning Technologies is the main European event dedicated to corporate training technologies:

  • more than 8500 visitors during last edition
  • 150 free seminars dedicated to corporate Learning & Development
  • a full schedule of lectures with leading experts in the field
  • more than 200 exhibitors.

However, there are many other reasons to attend this fantastic event. Let’s explore them together!

From virtual and augmented reality to gamification and adaptive learning, you will have a chance to see how these technologies are transforming the way we learn.

2. You get to know so many people with the same interests

The 9,000 attendees at the fair come from all over the world and from different industries. This is a great opportunity to network with people who share your same passion for learning technologies.

3. You meet the exhibitors

With more than 200 exhibitors showcasing their products and services, you will have the opportunity to meet leading learning technology providers. You can see their products in action, ask questions and learn about the latest trends and innovations.

With more than 200 exhibitors showcasing their products and services, you will have the opportunity to meet leading learning technology providers

4. You can participate in seminars and workshops

The fair also offers seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics related to technologies in the learning field. These sessions are chaired by industry experts and provide valuable information on the latest trends, best practices, and case studies.

5. You have the opportunity to learn from real-world examples and participate in interactive demonstrations

The highlight of this event is the opportunity to see real-world examples of learning technologies used in various industries. These case studies provide valuable insights into how these technologies can be used to improve e-learning outcomes and increase engagement.

Many of the exhibitors at the Learning Technologies 2024 Fair are offering interactive demonstrations of their products. This is an excellent opportunity to personally try these technologies and get a feel for how they work.

6. Inspiration…! ✨

The fair is a great source of inspiration for students and professionals. You can see firsthand how these technologies are being used to improve learning outcomes and increase engagement.

learning technologies 2023 is a great source of inspiration

7. You choose to stay in step with the times

By attending the exhibition, you will be among the first to see new products and innovations and learn about the latest trends!

8. From now on, you can make thoughtful decisions

With so many learning technologies on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you. By attending the expo, you will be better able to decide which technologies to invest in based on your goals and needs.

9. Yep, you can also have fun! ?

You will meet new people, learn new things, and be inspired by the latest innovations.

Truly a great opportunity not to be missed, no doubt about it!

Come take a look!

The Learning Technologies Fair/Conference is undoubtedly a valuable event for Learning and Development Managers who wish to contribute to the success of their companies and the professional growth of their employees with effective training projects in line with international corporate learning trends.

Attend the Learning Technologies 2024: save the date!

Book your free entrance here.


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