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Dealer Academy e-learning for reseller training

A company that sells products or services undoubtedly has a network of dealers and distributors to train, so that all resellers are able to pursue and achieve the business goals set by the company. This is what a Dealer Academy does: through the reseller training – organized and always up-to-date – it helps the company to grow and prosper.

Just these two short opening paragraphs would be enough to understand the importance of creating an online dealer academy for the training of distributors and dealers, but apparently many companies still do not have an e-learning platform to train their resellers!

In the era of Digital Transformation, it is necessary (and also possible) to recover from this serious gap that risks compromising the growth and even the survival of a company.

Revolutionizing dealer training is possible with e-learning

Revolutionizing reseller training is possible with e-learning.

Some readers are surely thinking:

What an exaggeration! We have always sold our products without the need to train our dealer network, why should we now invest time and resources in creating a Digital Training Academy! We just send a couple of brochures prepared by marketing and then it’s up to the dealers to sell, sell, sell… as if there’s no tomorrow, to achieve the goals.

To conclude, with the famous and unavoidable phrase:


And in front of this statement, even the most patient consultant would crumble…

Resistance to change is an obstacle to reseller, distributor and dealer training

The resistance to change is an obstacle to unlock the power of reseller training. In Apprendoo, however, we are aware that we cannot help all companies (some are inevitably destined to disappear) so we prefer to focus and help companies that are aware of the importance of adapting to change, embracing innovation to grow and remain leaders in their respective sectors.

In summary, we can without a doubt state that:

Nowadays, if a company does not have a Digital Training Academy for Resellers – it is surely not even investing correctly in innovation and development of products and services.

Investment in digital training is the “litmus test” of how the company is facing change and building its future. It is an element that can tell us a lot about the company, its organizational culture and its prospects for growth (or decline) in the future.

And change is inevitable.

So here we are at the topic of this post:

What is a Digital Dealer Academy for reseller training?

It is an online platform for digital training of reseller, distributors and dealers; it allows to organize, manage and monitor the training of resellers; it helps the company to grow and prosper.

A modern e-learning platform allows managing all types of corporate training that a company intends to provide (online, blended, classroom or webinar).

E-learning platform for reseller and dealer training

What are the advantages of an e-learning platform for reseller training?

In the Era of Digital Transformation in which we live, the creation of an Online Dealer Academy represents a unique opportunity to radically transform reseller training. In addition to practical advantages such as flexibility and accessibility, an ONLINE Training Academy can offer an engaging and effective training experience for your distributors at a global level.

In this article, we will reveal the advantages of a Digital Academy for Dealer Training and how to create a learning environment capable of providing your reseller with all the necessary training to know, propose and sell your products and services – according to the objectives and expectations of your company.

In summary: thanks to a modern e-learning platform (LMS), you can build a Reseller Training Portal to provide your distributors with all the necessary training to support the company’s growth and remain a sector leader.

Advantage n.1: make reseller training interactive with e-learning

Modern training technologies allow you to create learning experiences that are much more interactive and effective than a simple PowerPoint or PDF sent by email to your resellers.

With our e-learning platform, you can use video, audio, simulations, and interactive courses to train your entire distributor network in a modern and engaging way.

Resellers are immersed in an engaging experience that goes beyond simply reading text. This interactive approach stimulates attention and promotes better assimilation of information.

Advantage n. 2: just-in-time training for your resellers

An Online Dealers Academy is always open and available. Anytime & Anywhere! For this reason, your resellers will be able to immediately apply what they have learned, because each training content will always be accessible and Just in Time even from mobile devices.

Moreover, by adopting a microlearning-oriented learning strategy, you will be able to attract and train your resellers in half the time and with greater effectiveness, offering all the training they need at the moment they need to learn.

Advantage n.3: certify your resellers and keep them always up to date

Thanks to an e-learning portal for dealer training, you can create training paths to certify the quality of your resellers so that the quality and preparation of your distribution network is always high and capable of offering customers the best possible purchasing experience.

With our e-learning platform, you can create courses and learning paths with the issuance of certificates and certifications at the end of the training. Moreover, you can always monitor the learning and preparation of your dealers thanks to automatic reports.

Advantage n.4: integrate sales data with training data

Today it is possible to integrate data from a CRM with data related to resellers training. In this way, you can always keep under control both the sales performance and the training performance… and you will discover that: the resellers who “sell more” are also those who excel in training!

In short, you will have proof that your training portal is helping your company to grow and prosper.

Advantage n.5: create a virtual community of resellers

Thanks to a Digital Academy for Resellers, participants can learn from each other, share best practices and find innovative solutions together. This exchange of knowledge and the opportunity to interact with other resellers even from different geographical areas enrich the learning and motivate the professional growth of the resellers and retailers.

Moreover, by leveraging gamification, you can create a stimulating learning environment that encourages the acquisition and retention of skills over time. Badges, scores, levels to overcome, and training rankings… are all elements that will allow you to constantly engage and motivate your resellers and retailers, pushing them to always learn more.

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For a company that sells products or services, it is essential to have an e-learning platform to create a Digital Academy dedicated to the training of resellers and distributors.
Reseller training is a key component in a company’s strategy and investing in the creation of a Digital Dealer Academy means investing in the innovation and future of the company.

If you want to find out how to do it, contact us. We’re here for you.

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