SCORM or xAPI? What are they and which e-learning standard to use

Both SCORM and Tin Can (now more commonly known as xAPI) are communication protocols for monitoring learning-related activities. 

They provide a framework and structure for transmitting data and information between learning content and technologies.

However, the extent and flexibility with which SCORM and xAPI are able to do this differs significantly.

The decision on which standards to adopt when producing E-Learning materials will affect the durability of the content and technologies used.

In this brief guide, you will learn what SCORM and xAPI are, the key features, and the differences between these two E-Learning standards:

  • what is SCORM?
  • what is xAPI?
  • an example of a practical application of xAPI
  • comparison table of traceable activity

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SCORM or xAPI: What are they and which e-learning standard to use.

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