Smart Education Summit 2024: innovation in e-learning from Dubai

smart education summit dubai 2024

Here we are with another event on learning technologies!

Where and when?

On February 24, the Smart Teaching & Experiential Learning Summit 2023 will be held in the sun-drenched Dubai. The Smart Education Summit is a strategic occasion designed with the goal of exploring creative and innovative ways to address and overcome challenges in the education ecosystem, with the help of design thinking, innovative solutions or specific technologies.

Smart Teaching & Experiential Learning Summit 2023 dubai skyline

What is it about?

Smart Education Summit 2023 presents an eclectic mix of presentations and masterclass sessions on how:

  • develop global best practices, to familiarize with them and train innovative leaders through smart learning educational models.
  • use effective ways to implement inclusion with the help of design thinking.
  • move toward innovation through innovative programs in which subjects are integrated with technology, thereby increasing focus and productivity.
  • embrace advanced technologies to enhance Learners’ learning experience and critical thinking-thus transforming traditional education into a personal, digital experience.
  • indulge digital transformation by implementing it in corporate training and effectively replacing traditional learning.

Here you can ask to participate.

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