What is Microlearning? In short…it’s like sushi!

You know when you order an uramaki and, as soon as you taste it, you feel an explosion of flavors in one bite? Well, the metaphor linking Microlearning to sushi is based on that very feeling! Microlearning, in fact, as we’ll see, consists of creating small packages of varied content that can be enjoyed…in one delicious and memorable bite. 😉🍣

So…let’s eat some sushi together, and find out how Microlearning works.

In this brief guide, you will learn what Microlearning is and the secret recipe for incorporating Microlearning into your corporate training strategy.

  • Microlearning – The keyword for the success of your Corporate Training;
  • Microlearning – How to choose the right LMS;
  • Microlearning – How to create Micro and effective courses.

What is Microlearning? In short…it’s like sushi!

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