Boost your Company’s Digital Learning

Find out how to create a modern and efficient Corporate Training with the best software for Digital Learning and e-learning

We’re here to help you digitizing your employees, partners and customers’ training.

What are we up to in Apprendoo?

We help Companies in digitizing corporate training.

Our software solutions

E-learning platform

e-learning platform Litmos for corporate digital learning

The e-learning platform for Corporate training.

More than 30 million users. Used by the world’s top Companies for employees, partners, sales representatives and customers’ training.

litmos lms is the best e-learning platform for digital training

Wanna digitize
your corporate training?

We help you in building up your ONLINE Academy through Litmos.

We are the World’s top specialists of Litmos LMS. That’s why successful Companies choose us as Partner.


Consulting and coaching for the success of your digital training project.

We’re by our customers’ side during every step of the way, with our implementation services; training on practical usage; support and coaching; L&D consultancy; software/API integrations.

Training, Support

Our software options

Authoring Tool

Elucidat best software to create elearning courses

The tool which is changing the way
e-learning courses are created.

With Elucidat you can transform training in the Company.

Delivering engaging and effective e-learning corporate training courses effective has never been easier or more collaborative.

e-learning course made with elucidat

Convert your Corporate training from an “expense” to an “investment”

We love Elucidat and we cannot help and we cannot wait to help you making the best from it, thanks to our training, coaching, and support services.


In order to give you the opportunity to use Elucidat at its fullest, we developed a training and coaching path capable of rapidly transforming your team into a real Rockstar in building e-learning courses.

This is why our customers realize with Elucidat
the best corporate training courses in the world. We’re here to help you create a successful corporate training.

Mentoring, Support

Exclusive services only for our customers

Tailor-made and off-the-shelf courses

corporate training and elearning courses

We create both tailor-made and off-the-shelf e-learning courses

Customized and ready-made courses, 100% on your Mobile too!

Microlearning and Storytelling are key ingredients of our courses.

Find out our secret recipe for creating modern and efficient learning experiences.

Our software options

Video conference

zoom software videoconference virtual training

Training Meetings and Webinars on Zoom

Create and manage Corporate training with Zoom. The best software for video conferences.

zoom software for webinar and virtual training

Let the classroom training turn into interactive Virtual Training

Get the most from Zoom.
Become a real virtual training Rockstar!


We help you to convert your in-presence business training into successful virtual training.

Learn how to use Zoom to the fullest, together with the best practices to make effective Training Meetings and Webinars.

Training and Support

Our software options

Knowledge Base for HR

zendesk software di knowledge base per gestire la conoscenza e le informazioni in azienda

Knowledge Base software people-centered

Share the knowledge and the information, support the employees, the Company’s growth, and the empolyee experience.

zendesk is the best knowledge base software perfect for hr portal

Turn your intranet into an HR Portal with people at the center

With Zendesk, HR teams have everything needed to share corporate knowledge and information.​


We’re here to help you create a modern and effective HR Portal with Zendesk: the perfect knowledge base and support software for HR teams.

Implementation, Training, Support​

Successful e-learning for your business

with the best cloud technologies for digital learning.