zendesk software di knowledge base per gestire la conoscenza e le informazioni in azienda

Knowledge Base software

share the knowledge and the information,
improve the engagement, speed up HR support.

zendesk software per knowlege base hr support

People-centered HR Service Portal

Help people to work better

Allow employees to find for themselves the information they need about business systems, processes, and procedures.

Improve the engagement and increase the performances

Simple and intuitive, to support employees in the office or remotely.

Create, manage and share (FAQ, tutorials, documents, etc..)

With Zendesk you have all you need to manage knowledge and information, and to ask for support and assistance.

Fast search for information with AI support

Enable your employees to find the right information, quickly and smartly. With Zendesk you can, thanks to automated search functions and built-in AI (Answer Bot).

With Zendesk, HR teams have everything needed to share corporate knowledge and information.

Zendesk integrates seamlessly with other business systems (such as CRM, HR, LMS, ERP).

Knowledge Base Software and essential support for HR teams.

Contact us to see Zendesk in action and learn how it can help you create an HR Service Portal built around people.

hr service portal con zendesk
intranet moderna e intelligente con zendesk

Turn your intranet into an HR Portal with people at the center

Share the knowledge and the information, support the employees, the Company’s growth, and the empolyee experience.


We’re here to help you create a modern and effective HR Portal with Zendesk: the perfect knowledge base and support software for HR teams.

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