Digital Learning solutions

What is Digital Learning? It is modern training that uses new digital tools to make the learning experience more effective, intelligent and customizable.

We help Enterprises digitize corporate training, with the best technologies and solutions for e-learning and Digital Learning.

Modern corporate training is digital!

To manage it effectively, it is essential to use the best software and technology solutions specifically designed for digital training.

Choose the right LMS for corporate digital learning

An LMS (Learning Management System or e-learning platform) is a software that allows to manage corporate training, to deliver courses and to monitor results.

It is a crucial Digital Learning tool for Companies that wish to offer digital and modern training to employees.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right e-learning platform for digital learning. We are here to help you!

litmos lms is the best e-learning platform for digital training
e-learning platform Litmos for corporate digital learning

Litmos LMS is the perfect e-learning platform for corporate Digital Learning

More than 30 million users. Used by the world’s top Companies to train employees, customers and partners.

It is an innovative LMS with the functionalities for digital learning.

With the Litmos e-learning platform you create your own digital academy to manage corporate training at 360° (e-learning, blended, classroom and videoconferencing).

In addition to an LMS, it is important to have the right tool to create effective and engaging e-learning courses.
This is why it is crucial to choose an Authoring Tool suitable for enterprise digital learning.

What is an Authoring Tool?

An authoring tool is software that allows you to create e-learning courses that you can upload and publish to your LMS platform.

There are different types of authoring tools, and it is essential to choose the right tool for corporate training to create online courses that comply with e-learning standards (such as the SCORM and xAPI standard).

An authoring tool is a fundamental tool for corporate digital learning. That is why it is important to choose the right software. That’s what we are here for!

Elucidat best software to create elearning courses

Elucidat is the most innovative software for creating e-learning courses

With Elucidat, making engaging and effective e-learning courses is easy and in everyone’s reach

Transform corporate training with Elucidat. Create effective online courses in half the time, accessible from any device (mobile, tablet and PC).

Wanna create a digital and efficient corporate training?

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