corsi micro learning
corsi micro learning

Microlearning – How to create Micro and effective courses (#3)

Creating Microlearning courses isn’t just a trend, but an actual buzzword for modern, digital and effective training. That’s because modern learners need a kind of training that goes “straight to the point,” usable “just in time” and from any device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop).

The issue is that sometimes – for many Training Managers – it’s hard to put this training method into practice.

In this post, we wanna present 3 Good Practices, in order to allow all the Training Managers to successfully engage Microlearning within their learning strategy.

C’mon, let’s start.

1) In order to create Microlearning courses, leave your Ego outside the door.

The first thing to manage is our own Ego. Training Expert and/or Subject Matter Expert’s Ego.

How often does it happen that you design a course, write a storyboard and then think it would be good to add a few more topics, just one more chapter…okay, maybe two or three?

Well, that’s your Ego that’s knocking at the door!

per creare corsi microlearning leave your ego at the door

Above all, Microlearning means “getting right to the point” and “less is more” – excluding everything that’s not necessary and that can be “separately” addressed in a different module. In a training pill apart.

Remember: you’re building up a Learning Journey for your employees, with so many “learning places” to explore.

In order to create chunking training materials, effective and useful for our Learners, it’s crucial to “step in their shoes” and leave aside our personal POV. Our Ego.

Summing up, it’s fundamental to always keep in mind what our employees need to successfully learn (Performance Support) and their time available for training contents “in the flow of work”.

Leave your Ego at the Door.

2) Microlearning courses, fast processing times.

The second point to investigate – to know if you’re building up Microlearning learning contents – is time.

It doesn’t make much sense to spend too much time making Micro courses, i.e. short content that gets straight to the point.

In short: if it takes the same amount of time to produce a Microlearning course as it does to produce a standard online course…well, something’s wrong. Isn’t it?

Therefore, in addition to keeping the Ego at bay, it’s crucial to adopt an authoring tool specifically designed to create Microlearning courses – allowing you to produce courses available from any device, quickly and in an agile manner.

crea un corso microlearning in metà tempo

If the software you’re using to create is the right one, you should take less than half the time, compared to producing a “standard” course.

Check the Watch.

3) Microlearning features.

If you intend to implement efficient Microlearning, it’s important to remember the 4 features of this training method (we’ve talked about it in this post).

Moreover, you have to equip yourself with an LMS, which allows a constant check on “how things are going”: an LMS per il Microlearning.

Summing up, the e-learning platform has to provide specific functions to get feedbacks from our Learners and Analytics tools, able to monitor the 4 features of Microlearning:

  1. Performance Support
  2. Spaced Learning
  3. Contextualized Learning
  4. “Just in time” Mobile Learning

This will let you understand if your corporate training is going in the right direction or if it’s necessary to make corrections.

caratteristiche di un corso microlearning

Check the Compass…and see that you won’t lose your way toward a modern, digital and truly Microlearning corporate training!

#neverstoplearning 🚀

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