How to create engaging branching scenarios with Elucidat

creating branching scenarios for corporate e-learning and employee training

Every day those in the learning business are looking for ways to make corporate training more engaging for their employees. Elucidat, our favorite authoring tool, now allows you to create branching scenarios for corporate training like you’ve never seen before 😉.

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But for now, let’s dive into the meanders (or ramifications🤪) of new training for your employees.

What are branching scenarios??

You know those interactive movies on Netflix? That’s what we’re talking about.

In fact, branching means designing multiple paths that unfold in the content you want the employee to learn. It is a strategy that can engage the learner by making him or her a decision maker whose choices influence the development of the storytelling proposed by the course.

In addition, this type of e-learning provides a safe environment in which to practice different real-world scenarios without risk.

There are several types…

Branching scenarios come in a variety of forms to meet specific instructional needs and learning objectives.

The most common types of branching scenarios include:

1.Multiple-choice scenarios where you must make decisions by choosing from several options, each of which leads to a different path.

2. Role-based scenarios, where you take on a specific role within the scenario and make decisions based on that role. It’s a mode that has been very successful in video games, for example (yes, I’m thinking of Baldur’s Gate, which can be replayed over and over again by changing your character and making different choices each time – see also the full branching scenarios below).

baldur's gate full branching scenarios and role-based

3. Simulation scenarios that recreate real-life situations in which Learners must make decisions and deal with the realistic consequences of their actions step by step. This type is particularly useful when dealing with important issues such as privacy and compliance.

4. Linear branching scenarios, but where decisions affect future events within the course.

5. Full branching scenarios: employees have the opportunity to explore multiple paths and outcomes depending on their decisions, creating a variety of possible outcomes.

Elucidat full branching scenarios e-learning corporate training

6. Interactive scenarios that integrate interactive elements such as videos, quizzes, or hands-on exercises into the scenario to actively engage Learners.

The choices are many and the possibilities endless, so all you have to do is try! 🤩

7 tips for effective branching scenarios

Now that we have seen the options to consider, let us give you some ideas on how to put it all into practice and revolutionize employee training.

1. Make a plan

Spend some time outlining the target audience and the various subgroups, and decide on the content you want each to learn. Then start jotting down ideas for the different scenarios you want to present to the learners, starting with the initial situation and working your way through – but don’t let your creativity get the better of you!

It sounds difficult to design the entire course structure, but Elucidat gives you the ability to visualize it clearly and schematically throughout the creation process.

2. Put your employees in the driver’s seat

Kids of my generation will remember that beautiful moment when they had to choose the fate of their first game. 👇

Put your employees in the driver's seat corporate digital training pokemon

For e-learning courses with branching scenarios, a great way to engage Learners is precisely to allow them to drive the experience, choose their own starting point and the scenario they prefer.

Bonus tip: also consider offering employees a chance to review their knowledge before diving into the experience.

3. Taylor-made scenarios

To make e-learning interesting to your employees, you need to provide customized corporate training that takes into account each employee’s role and experience level.

This is the best way to increase the effectiveness of the training by presenting the learner with only the information that is of interest to him or her, thereby increasing engagement.

4. Create an immersive experience with video

Video content is now the most viewed content on social media – just look at the incredible success of Tik Tok. Why not use it for employee training?

The template to follow is that of Netflix, as we mentioned at the beginning. You can create short videos that present real-life case histories and allow the learner to choose how to handle the situation, fostering an immersive experience (for an in-depth look at immersive learning, click here) and in a safe environment.

Immersive experience through the use of video in e-learning with branching scenarios

5. Create engaging challenges!

We know that the challenges we face in real life do not always have a clear solution, but branching scenarios are a great way to allow employees to explore gray areas and nuances, and-as we said earlier-practice in a safe environment.

6. Reward achievement and close educational gaps

During the learning pathway, it is important for the Learner to receive immediate feedback, especially when dealing with scenarios that do not have 100% right or wrong answers.

Elements such as points or badges can be introduced to highlight both positive performance and areas where it is recommended to deepen knowledge and skills.

7. Show other possible endings

Everyone takes their own path, but in order to provide a critical cue to think about, we suggest that you provide a final screen that shows the alternative paths that could have been taken to provide an overview.

Branching scenarios with multiple possible endings for digital corporate training


In summary, branching scenarios actively engage employees in corporate training by providing a safe environment for them to experiment and learn from their actions.

With Elucidat, creating these scenarios becomes intuitive and accessible, allowing developers to focus on design and content. In addition, our favorite authoring tool allows for the integration of additional features, such as gamification elements, to further enhance the overall learning experience.

You just have to try it! 💪


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