How to create multimedia e-learning courses with Elucidat

The wide variety of audio and video content we have access to every day on multiple platforms forces e-learning course creators to have to create lessons that keep attention levels high.

Do you want to know how to create multimedia e-learning courses that capture Learners with spectacular special effects? We show you how you can do it easily and successfully with Elucidat.

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Different videos for all your needs

Whatever the goal you want to achieve, video is definitely the visual form that gives you the most choice. Want to impact your Learners by making them laugh, cry, reflect? All that’s left to do is start illustrating them!

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Videos can be:

  • interviews. Get executives, experts, or longtime colleagues in the company to talk. They can offer useful opinions and insights, but what will make your interviews successful is precisely the human element – the contact that can be made even through a screen. Imperfection is the trump card, but be sure to choose someone who is comfortable in front of the cameras. 🎙️
interviews with personal experiences and advices

One feature that Elucidat provides is the ability to easily add a quiz to the end of a video – either as an assessment element or as an interactive button to make you a decision-making part of the actions the characters will take (from the options you make available).

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  • promotional. You need to motivate your Learners to learn and implement changes. Not only that: attract attention by presenting your organization and the change it strives for; make your employees feel excited about being part of a project. Choose a single, linear message that makes a meaningful impact. 💥
  • scenic. They may be complex–and rather time-consuming–to create, but videos that tell a story and stir emotions turn out to be very effective. Highlighting small but important details, showing dramatized consequences of small mistakes…all help to leave an emotional impression on the viewer. Add interactive elements for greater engagement. 😉
  • with presenters. They are able to convey energy to viewers as well as take them by the hand. Their function is to illustrate the more complex points of the topic to Learners – uniting them into a cohesive discourse – with the help of captions and graphics. Be concise, but incisive. 🎯

How about adding audio components as well?

Whether it is background sounds or music, audio adds that quid that, without excessive machinations, creates atmosphere and brings your stories to life.

There are mainly two ways in which audio can become part of your e-learning course:

  • as a soundscape. Different audio effects convey different emotions. A dash of tension here, a sprinkling of humor there…if you use the right ingredients, you will get a delicious dish. 😋 Caution: when music is part of a small animation, it should last no longer than 10 seconds, so as not to distract the Learner from what is written in the picture or immediately after.
  • through conversations – simulated, purpose-created, interactive. You can stage conversations to provide an example of a particular situation being discussed. Another alternative is to propose a joke and give the Learner the opportunity to choose the answer that seems most appropriate from a range of options, and then provide a comment or feedback. Don’t forget subtitles or transcripts for those who cannot hear at that time! 🫂

What if you can’t create a video? Never mind! Think about how much success Podcasts, for example, have regained in recent years. Here, creating audio-only content can be just as successful, cheaper and easier to produce – perhaps even involving the employees themselves.

Video killed the radio stars? I don’t think so. 😜

Let’s draw the conclusions

Undoubtedly, the use of multimedia content in the context of e-learning courses gives the impression of an overly complex and time-consuming and expensive process. And it would be so, if Elucidat wasn’t there to help you out: insert your videos and audios in seconds. If you want to know how, contact us for a demo.

Now all you have to do is try: start creating engaging multimedia e-learning courses with ease!

#neverstoplearning 🚀

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