New Research Report: 2 key elements for a successful corporate training strategy

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Are you committed to aligning your corporate training strategy with your Company’s strategic goals and feel that training in your organization is “disconnected” from these goals? You’re not alone. ? Learn with us how to create a successful corporate training strategy!

All organizations develop and implement strategies on various fronts – marketing, sales, product – but why does strategy on corporate training not automatically enter this list?

corporate training should be part of a company's development strategies

Let’s try to answer some questions

Part of the problem may have to do with the fact that many companies find it difficult to create training programs that can influence – in a measurable way – business goals.

Another aspect to consider is that companies’ Learning & Development teams are busy identifying the right ways to develop learning experiences that can impact employee outcomes and performances. In short, a real blueprint for creating successful corporate training. ?

Litmos helps you create a successful corporate training strategy

“Although aligning training strategy with the business is considered important or critical by 78% of companies, only 18% say they are ready to take action. What can be done to help create a more robust learning strategy with a connection to the business?” – Brandon Hall Group, Two Keys to a Successful Learning Strategy.

Litmos turned to researchers at Brandon Hall Group to address these pressing concerns and offer possible solutions through this co-produced Research Report, “The 2 Keys to a Successful Learning Strategy.”

The Report is based on the latest research and feedback from small, medium and large organizations on how they are meeting the challenge of “building a strategy for successful corporate training.”

report corporate training strategy

Download the full Report with metrics and insights on:

  • how Companies are aligning their training strategies with business objectives and how many are actually doing so effectively.
  • Why many Companies continue to undervalue learning strategy compared to other strategies such as financial, operational, and innovation strategies.
  • What Leading Companies are doing to deliver on the promise of creating a successful learning strategy that can directly impact business outcomes.
  • Why Top Performing Companies adopt a blended model to provide a more balanced and effective learning experience for employees.

Thanks Samantha for the overview on this precious report. All that’s left is to download and study it!

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