OEB 2024: Berlin talks about corporate digital training


Where and when ?

From November 27 to 29, bustling Berlin will host OEB 2024 (Online Educa Berlin), the 30th annual conference and exhibition on digital learning and education. It is a multi-sector event, thus promoting exchange between the business, education and public service sectors.

OEB 2023 a berlino evento sulla formazione aziendale digitale

The event has a unique focus that can let you observe from the front lines the latest developments in learning technologies.

What is it about?

A different overarching theme is chosen each year, with the goal of critically examining how the opportunities and challenges of technology are transforming the world of learning. For this edition, “The Future of Learning We Choose” was chosen.

  • Will we decide the future we want for ourselves or will we have no say in it?
  • Will we control the recent developments in technology or will they control us?
  • Are we improving our world or are we creating a new system in which we can only be spectators?
  • Will technology help us redefine the future of learning?

These are just some of the questions that will serve as starting points for collective reflection on what and how we plan to build in the near future.

OEB 2023 berlino conferenza sulla formazione digitale

It promises to be a lively and inspiring event, with keynote speeches by world-renowned speakerspanel discussions and endless networking opportunities. ?

Here, you can request to participate, and here you’ll find all the information.

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