Sales Onboarding: why to do it and how to calculate ROI

sales onboarding training for sales team

We have already discussed onboarding in general in the enterprise, but sales onboarding refers to the process of integrating and training new employees into a company’s sales team.

This process includes various activities and initiatives designed to equip new hires with the knowledge, skills, tools and resources needed to become effective and successful sales professionals.

sales onboarding integrating and training new employees into a company's sales team

Let’s discover them together!

How to Structure a Sales Onboarding pathway

We agree that these paths are customizable and will vary from company to company.

However, there are key steps that L&D managers have to consider when planning the onboarding of new hires to your sales team.

  • Orientation, which is necessary to introduce new hires to the company’s culture, values, organizational structure, and key stakeholders.
  • Product and service training, including features, benefits, use cases, and competitive positioning.
  • Sales process and methodology training to illustrate best practices tailored to the company’s industry, target market, and customer segments.
  • Familiarization with sales tools and technologies, such as software, CRM systems, and other platforms used for prospect research, lead management, and customer relationship management.
  • Role-specific training, including sales territory training, that addresses the specific challenges, responsibilities, and expectations of a given position.
  • Observation and mentoring, giving new hires the opportunity to observe sales professionals and participate in sales calls or meetings.
  • Regular, constructive reviews and feedback to assess progress, identify areas for improvement, and develop skills.
  • Support throughout the journey to help new sales reps continuously improve their skills, overcome day-to-day challenges, and achieve their sales goals.

These tips are a starting point, but to create a training program that will stand up to scrutiny, you must first understand its centrality in the corporate environment.

onboarding is key to introducing new hires to the workforce by giving them the right tools and skills

Why invest in Sales Onboarding?

Sales onboarding is a critical element for companies that want to ensure the success of their new salespeople. In fact, this process helps new hires quickly integrate into the team and become operational in their sales role. There are several ways in which sales onboarding is beneficial.

First, it reduces the ramp-up time for new hires. Focused training and a clear understanding of expectations help them quickly reach a level of competency that makes them productive in their role.

As a result, the company’s sales performance improves. Well-trained and integrated employees are better able to identify sales opportunities, negotiate successfully, and manage customer relationships effectively.

In addition, sales onboarding increases employee engagement and satisfaction by showing new hires that the company cares about their success and well-being. This creates a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to do their best.

Finally, it tends to reduce employee turnover, because when people feel integrated into the company, they are more likely to stay, reducing the costs associated with replacing staff and maintaining expertise within the organization. Check out this article on reskilling and upskilling to best achieve this goal!

onboarding usually results in lower turnover due to a positive business environment in which everyone is productive

Overall, sales onboarding is a valuable investment for companies that want to succeed in the marketplace by ensuring their reps are prepared, motivated, and able to do their best work.

What metrics to consider when calculating Sales Onboarding ROI?

Fortunately, the axiom that training = loss of time and money is old news. In fact, in addition to concrete numerical data, there are metrics in several business areas that can be used to perceive and, more importantly, measure the ROI of sales onboarding.

Some of these we have already seen, such as increased productivity – thanks to onboarding that helps you understand roles and responsibilities so that you know exactly what to do when you are in front of a customer – and increased retention, which is a great achievement for sales given the high turnover that affects many other professions. That’s because customer expectations are higher than ever and sales techniques have changed, but giving salespeople the support they need to do their jobs well can keep them from looking elsewhere.

Employee retention increases if a good onboarding process is done that makes them feel cared for

An additional aspect that gives insight into the effectiveness of Sales Onboarding is the careful selection it allows of new hires, acting as a test drive and giving the prospective salesperson a taste of the company and the sales manager an idea of his or her capabilities. This gives both parties a chance to carefully evaluate the path they are about to take.

In short

In addition to equipping new salespeople with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles, this process provides a number of tangible and measurable benefits to organizations.

From improving new hire productivity to increasing company profitability, from reducing turnover to carefully selecting talent, sales onboarding is proving to be a valuable investment for companies that want to remain competitive and achieve long-term success.

In addition, we cannot overlook the importance of onboarding in fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and engagement among team members, contributing to a strong and cohesive corporate culture.

In an environment of increasing customer expectations and fierce competition, investing in a robust sales onboarding program is imperative for companies that want to stay ahead and succeed in the global marketplace.


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