The Alphabet of Modern Training: N as Novelty

N come novità

Here we are, with the fifth letter of the Alphabet of modern and digital Training: N as Novelty. Today, we’re going to talk about a very tasty ingredient for our brain, something capable of making our training courses “brain friendly”…for real!

This secret sauce is often ignored within the designing and the making of training contents, especially in corporate settings, where the dangerous virus of habit is always just around the corner!

The ingredient of this post is the “N” factor. N as Novelty.

We crave freshness while ignoring the “same old road”.

Well, yeah, our brain is like that: if we do the same trip every single day, at some point we stop paying attention to the route and start proceeding – as they say – in “autopilot” mode.

True, isn’t it?

uma thurman in kill bill driving and winking

But everytime something new comes in our way, we want to tell someone about it right away!

This happens since on the one hand, as humans, we fear change, but on the other hand we’re beyond attracted by freshness. We pay attention to the new things that happen during our “usual ride” home.

Nothing to add…we constantly live in such a dichotomy, which is – then – the basis of our evolution. We fear change, but we are also hopelessly attracted to it. And thank goodness! Otherwise we would still be in the Stone Age.

prehistoric man who discovers fire

After all, we’re more likely to remember something new and willing to tell others about it – as a form of repetition. And what does repetition do? It strengthens, speeds up the neural connections. If you remember, we talked about it here. ?

This spontaneous “repetition”, set off by innovations, will make our training “viral”. Within a very short time, our Learners themselves will become promoters of training courses, thanks to their unstoppable longing to tell and share.

However, how can we graft this ingredient into our corporate training courses?

Novelty and originality must always be present in our training courses. But this doesn’t mean constantly aiming for “incredible special effects” to surprise and capture our Learners’ attention.

If you want to learn more about it, and finally create a brain friendly corporate training, contact us!

We’re here for you. ?

Until the next letter of the Alphabet of Modern Training!


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