R come ripetizione
R come ripetizione

The Alphabet of Modern Training: R as “Repetition”

We’ve reached the fourth letter of the Alphabet of modern and digital Training: R as Repetition. The further we go on this journey of discovery of “brain friendly” learning, the closer we get to our final destination (spoiler alert: we’re so close…!).

In this post, we’ll talk about the fourth letter of this “magical alphabet”. A very special letter since it’s about our brain-cells and one of the worst enemies of learning:

The Forgetting Curve, And trust us, that’s a naaaaasty beast.😱

But let’s move forward step by step.

Today’s letter is the R, as Repetition.

Whenever we set out to learn something, our brain gets stimulated to create new neural connections, which unfortunately are fragile and easily destroyable – as newborns. They need continuous stimulation to get stronger.

ripetizione vs forgetting curve

Summing up, we forget up to 70% of what we learn within the first 24h! That’s just the way we are. We forget too fast, if we’re not constantly re-engaged. For this reason, Repetition is a key concept for brain-friendly training.

Repetition strengthens and speeds up the new neural connections. Never forget that! 😉

How to create a truly effective Repetition? Microlearning!

Microlearning is a great ally of our neural connections since it is able to help and protect them from the Forgetting Curve – always ready to sabotage our learning projects. Indeed, a microlearning content is perfect to be enjoyed and reenjoyed at different times and in different ways:

  • Performance Support
  • Spaced Learning
  • Contextualized Learning
  • “Just in time” Mobile Learning

If you want to stimulate your neural connections and learn how to implement an effective learning strategy based on Microlearning in your Company, take a look to this following articles:

Until the next letter of the Alphabet of Modern Training!


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