Reskilling. The keyword to manage Change (which is inevitable…as Thanos)

Even before Covid-19 pandemics, many Companies already talked about the necessity of implement a deep plan of employees’ Reskilling.

Just a couple of data, useful to understand the pre-Covid scenario:

  • In a 2017 report, Deloitte identified the average duration of a learned skill as only 5 years.
  • In the same year, McKinsey Global Institute estimated that about 375 million workers would have to change occupations or acquire new skills by 2030.

To sum up, misquoting Thanos (the villain in “Avengers: End Game”):

“Change is inevitable”

Yep: Digital Transformation were already deeply affecting the future, which was arising from these reports in all its ineluctability with a loud and clear message: Reskilling! 

“Reskilling the staff”, then, was the Companies’ keyword even before March 2020. Thank goodness!

Because thinking about solving the skills problem required by the modern job market just by hiring new employees with the right hard skills makes about as much sense as stopping a speeding train with a finger.

Another couple of data:

In 2019, PwC announced an investment of about $3 billion for a staff upskilling project, while Amazon launched the “Upskilling 2025” project: 100,000 workers involved and an investment of $700 million.

Covid simply sped up plans.

For instance, thanks to the fast growth and spread of remote working, the need to learn new skills to effectively work from home has suddenly become an urgent and critical situation in so many organizations and Companies.

According to a research of the Brandon Hall Group, for the 56% of the Companies surveyed, the problem to be addressed (hic et nunc) is to retrain workers to prepare them as soon as possible for the new job market.

Ginni Rometty, Executive Chairman di IBM, compared current situation to throwing a deck of cards in the air: “Not all of them will return to the same spot.” You can listen to him in this Podcast.

It’s crucial to take action, then.

Companies and organizations have to implement efficient and modern (digital, indeed) Reskilling strategies.

Watch out! A Reskilling plan doesn’t consist of a simple training for employees. It’s the final result, which allows a training project to be defined and qualified as a real Reskilling plan.

The Result of a corporate Reskilling plan is truly making employees capable of doing new jobs, new tasks, new roles. 

How to build an effective Reskilling strategy?

Let’s try to identify some common patterns within successful strategies:

  1. Prioritize the skills your organization needs now:

Identify essential skills for your company, in the short term. Take immediate action and train your employees on “expendable” skills in the immediate term. You can address the rest later. Keyword is “Execute”.

  1. Create customized training paths:

According to the skills required by different roles, define “tailored” learning that can help people acquire the new skills, based on their job role.

  1. Build up the present, design the future.

Act now, but design a Reskilling strategy that can look beyond the current emergency situation, in order to support your Company in the years to come through continuous and ongoing employee training.

  1. Soft-skills.

Reconsider your hiring strategies and don’t just focus on “know-how” when you find yourself selecting new employees. Soft skills will be the key to build a resilient organization that is ready to evolve and respond to change in a constant learning process.

  1. Digitize Corporate training. 

Modern training is digital per se (we’ve already talked about it here). And this applies not only to your remote or smart workers, but to all employees in your Company.

So…the best advice we could ever give you is to rely on the best training technologies and solutions to build up a training ecosystem which is congruent with the modern world.

In conclusion:

Covid-19 pandemic has only sped up the change that Digital Transformation had already started. Anyway, modern Learning Technologies allow us to face this challenge with the right tools. And we’re here to help you.

Quoting Tony Stark this time: if change is “inevitable”…

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