DE&I: 5 strategies for a new inclusive Corporate culture

diversity, equality, inclusion

Let’s not beat around the bush: the future of companies and their employees will inevitably have to be built on these values: Diversity, Equality, Inclusion – or DE&I (for the definition of these three terms, click here). And thank goodness for that! By now, with the advent of the younger generation, the importance of well-being in the workplace has taken center stage when choosing employment. ?

In this sense, online training can help companies and their employees become more inclusive, tolerant, and open to change.

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Back to us: here are 5 practical tips to help change corporate culture.

1. Build a collaborative work environment

After the Coronavirus, tens of thousands of workers are reconsidering their priorities, changing jobs and, in many cases, changing careers. Add to that the ability to work virtually anywhere and the benefits that come with it…and it is a perfect storm to change the face and character of the modern workplace.

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Increasingly, employees want to work in an environment where they can grow, be challenged, and feel accepted and valued. So pay is no longer the main attraction!

But let’s look at some data

In the U.S., Millennials and Generation Zero are the most diverse population segments in our history. Of the 87 million Millennials in the country, only 56% are white. For comparison, 72% of the 76 million Baby Boomers are white. ?

In addition, a 2020 Glassdoor study found that 76% of employees and job seekers consider a diverse and inclusive workforce a critical factor when evaluating job offers.


Build a work environment where everyone can contribute and that allows for professional development of staff.

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This collaboration creates a knowledge exchange that can be used as a resource, allowing each staff member to share their experience to make a contribution to corporate training and to create policies that reflect the rules on DE&I.

2. Encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise on DE&I

Sponsor employee engagement in the work community by providing strategies that help mutual exchange among all partners, employees and stakeholders. For example, a mentoring program can be provided for younger workers.

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3. Focus on “culturally intelligent” education

The goal is to increase the organization’s ability to cope with change and expand employee creativity in response to an increasingly diverse world of customers. As a result, intolerance tends to decrease and instead understanding and acceptance of differences increases.

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Start with your company’s goals. Figure out what direction you want to go in. Unfortunately, there is no manual for this, nor is there a copy-and-paste from another organization. A good place to start is by conducting a self-assessment survey on DE&I to identify gaps in your organization’s recruitment, human resources and management practices. This will help you focus on identifying the gaps rather than spending too much time fixing something that is not broken.

4. Cultivate a sense of belonging

Get your employees actively involved. Try to include them in the planning, execution, and evaluation of the company’s founding values and operations-periodic performance conversations keep employees involved.

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For example, focus groups and surveys can be conducted.

5. Creates Corporate policies from the perspective of DE&I

The idea that a company’s policies should be in line with the perspectives of the majority of the population is beginning to fade.

So, it is useful to implement policies and procedures that more fully integrate the cultural component into the company’s core operations. Providing training in this regard is the starting point for building a new organization that is inclusive and open to change. ?

Let’s sum up

Corporate training helps companies and their employees educate themselves about change and tolerance. Learning how best to put DE&I’s values into practice can only make a decisive contribution to your work environment.

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At this point all you have to do is start! Contact us to learn more. ?

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