Diversity and Inclusion: 3 strategies for creating a new cultural mindset within the Company

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How do you create a new cultural mindset that educates and encourages Diversity and Inclusion in your company? This may be the first question that popped into your mind, but we are here for you! ?

The greatest difficulty is putting the abstract principles of Diversity and Inclusion into practice within an exceedingly concrete reality such as the corporate one – where it is crucial that everyone feels comfortable to give their best. ?

Corporate training aimed at achieving these goals is, now more than ever, necessary.

Here are 3 tips to guide you toward change.

1. Work on Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence consists of the ability to understand cultural norms and their influence on human behavior. Its utility is that it puts us in touch with the human experience of shared commonalities; it promotes civility, empathy, compassion and tolerance, helping to create a playing field that fosters an environment of fairness and equality.

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A sense of understanding of others minimizes conflict caused by fear of the unknown and the instinctive response to fight or flee from what is different. This allows employees’ attention and energy to be focused on the company’s mission and productivity. In short, on a new cultural mindset!

2. Use Social Marketing to convey a whole cultural mindset

Social Marketing is the discipline that uses commercial marketing strategies to promote the adoption of desired behavior. Its main goal is to address consumer concerns for the welfare of the community. It is based on the marketing “philosophy” that individuals will adopt new behaviors or ideas if they believe the engagement has value.

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Using these techniques, for example, you can identify employees who have already worked in multicultural teams and include their experience in decision making and when drafting company policies and initiatives.

3. Develop your mindfulness

In the work environment, mindfulness is defined as the ability to harness an extraordinary awareness of our surroundings – situations, people, energies – in real time. This attitude allows us to get in touch with our surroundings and read them without bias and preconceptions.

Take a deep breath and pay attention. Connect with yourself and others.


Let’s summarize

The benefits of incorporating this approach into the corporate cultural mindset when managing human resources far outweigh those of not having one.

Training staff in the light of strategies based on multicultural intelligence helps develop a sense of social responsibility. The latter should act as a push toward human behaviors that ensure equal treatment, access and opportunity for all individuals, regardless of their background or preferences, abilities or beliefs.

See you next episode on the 5 strategies for a new inclusive Corporate Culture ?

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