How to produce e-learning courses at scale with Elucidat

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We promised, and it’s here! Welcome to the second chapter of our saga about Elucidat – an authoring tool we love and partner with, that allows large enterprises to easily and quickly create professional e-learning courses. Within three words, production at scale.

It’s precisely the “time” element that we cover today, explaining some of Elucidat‘s features that contribute to agile and, most importantly, large-scale production.

Don’t worry: we know that an L&D Manager cannot always create every single course from scratch, so read on and find out how to optimize the time of the creative process.

Let’s get started! ?

Choose a ready-made template to create courses at scale

What could be better than being able to start your project from a base designed by an expert? Nothing, we tell you. Can you figure out what it means to not having to start from scratch every time? A dream! ?

But it ain’t over. Each template comes with a downloadable storyboard and a guide to proceed with adding more elements.

owen wilson wow amazement ready-made templates for your e-learning courses with elucidat

Once you start producing courses, Elucidat will recommend templates that best suit what you want to create.

creating e-learning courses quickly with elucidat. lightning mcqueen doc hudson cars

Okay, what’s next…? ?

“One Thousand and One” editing options: e-learning at scale

Now it’s time to add your content. Here, with Elucidat you can do this both in complete independence and with the help you need.

First, go wild and create totally customized page layouts (or take advantage of existing templates). Remember to save your templates to use as many times as you like in the future. Then add, duplicate, and move pages around your project quickly and easily.

At this point, all you have to do is insert your content. And here we reveal a super useful feature, namely the “what you see is what you get” editor, which allows you to easily see all the changes as you’re making them – so you always have a concrete idea of how the project is shaping up from the user’s point of view.

easy editor elucidat screen

Awesome! Now duplicate and share the best projects with your team and maximize reuse and production efficiency. That’s what a scalable organization is all about: producing a lot of material in a short time and without a lot of machinations. Small technical effort, big result, no stress. ?

Delegate to whomever you want, while maintaining control of your corporate training

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself…nope: here, team is the key. With Elucidat, you can involve the employees you want to collaborate with by establishing their roles and permissions from your administrator account. At any time, you can add, manage, and remove Authors from their account.

If the team grows…no worries! Organize projects into groups and create folders within them. Manage access so that team members can access content that affects them.

collaboration among employees

Everyone has a chance to contribute. The result? Courses to their full potential. ?

End of the second chapter!

If after this article we still haven’t convinced you…wait until you read the third one! ?

In any case, you now know that with Elucidat you will easily be able both to create many courses in a short time, and reuse them. This production at scale allows a collaboration among several people, where different steps are delegated to those who can carry them out best.

Enough for today. ?

Until next chapter!

#neverstoplearning ?

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