Impactful Learning: how to create effective e-learning courses with Elucidat

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Welcome to the first chapter of our new saga.

harry potter saga. how to create effective e-learning courses with elucidat

Stooooop! What’s going on? It may be a saga ours, but it’s certainly not set at Hogwarts.

In fact, through a series of 3 posts, we want to show you the main advantages in creating e-learning courses for an impactful learning using Elucidat as Authoring Tool.

Specifically, in this first chapter, we will explain how to create courses on an e-learning platform that have a significant impact on your Learners and your company. All this with Elucidat will be as easy as…waving a magic wand!?

Find out how by reading our three steps for an impactful learning. ?

1. Embrace flexibility without giving up control over the production of your content

You can create as many templates (templates) as you like, customizing them to your taste or making them consistent with your company’s branding. If you encounter any difficulties, no problem! Elucidat guides you, showing you how to get started if you are a beginner or some tricks of the trade if you want to test yourself.

In this way, you’ll be able to achieve a top-notch result even without using outside figures, optimizing your budget and harnessing the creative power of your employees. ✨ Allow whoever you want to contribute and collaborate on the project, with total flexibility: whoever manages it all has the ability to establish roles and permissions according to the task of the individuals.

elucidat roles and permission for creating e-learning courses collaborating

Widespread control in just a few clicks. ?

2. Create material whose impact is effective on any device

Yes okay, long live special effects, but we must always keep in mind that course recipients must be able to enjoy the content anytime & anywhere and from any device equally effectively, otherwise the magic does not happen.

elucidat e-learning courses are available on any devices

In this regard, Elucidat allows-during the creative process-to check how your content looks on different screen sizes. Bonus detail: the platform is designed so that the course you create is already set up to be viewed even better on different devices. So all you have to do is make a few small adjustments at your convenience to achieve super results: hide, show, change, resize or reposition media and images to achieve optimal results. ⚙️

Instructions for creating courses on different devices with elucidat

Making content easily accessible means making it for everyone: Elucidat works to make the platform up to inclusivity standards so that people with certain disabilities (visually impaired, for example) can use it without difficulty. This, too, means aiming for effective training.

3. Customize content to offer your Learners a unique experience

Create tailor-made courses – using the Rules option – by entering the Learner’s name, his score, courses exclusively assigned to him.

Have fun with creating original and branded templates and page layouts. In this regard, you can save your preferences regarding colors, fonts and logos: speed up the process and ensure visual consistency among all your designs. ?

Do you think that’s still not enough? Well, you have plenty of interactive content to add easily, with which the Learner is obliged to interact, physically becoming an active part of the learning process. Pop-ups, transitions between different pages, animations…

elucidat menu to choose different interactions to add to your e-learning module
Choose what you wanna add…

…And look what a great result – in this case with so-called Hotspots!

example of elucidat hotspots to create interactive courses

To sum up

We’ve given you 3 small tips to get started on making e-learning courses that have a real impact on Learners. The goal of us, of the Companies that choose us and of Elucidat is the same: to facilitate and to help to make learning impactful.

If this is also your goal…what are you waiting for? Contact us and read the next article!?

#neverstoplearning ?

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